How we maintain 200+ Drupal sites in Georgetown University


If you have ever created two or more Drupal sites that had a single code base, then you probably thought about routine automation. If you work with more than 200 Drupal sites like we do and you need to maintain all of them - automation is at least a single reasonable solution that you can rely on.

This session will shed some light on how we perform efficient automation in Georgetown University. You will learn:

  • How our sites are built and what infrastructure we use

  • How we perform regular tasks such as clearing cache or monitoring features states for so many websites

  • What development workflow we use

  • How we perform deployment of new code for all of these sites

  • How we create hundreds of new sites in a batch

  • What open source tools we have developing and using

This session is going to be interesting for you, because we will share our best practices and some useful scripts with you.

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