Real-world Adoption of Lean Process in Your Organization


How we overcame real-world obstacles to Drupal tailored Lean process adoption in our organization - and you must too!

We all ruefully acknowledge that Agile is the new Waterfall. Because our website and web application projects cry out in survival mode for true parallel team cross-collaboration from start to finish, we know we need to adopt Lean. We know we need to benefit from those hard-won baked in lessons of allowing only just enough work to flow so as to really test our road map outcomes. We know we need to face every project as if it were a start-up.

But how to get there? Really? In our organization?

This presentation shows how a concrete project, an online literary workshop, now exists as a community thanks to a specially tailored Lean process, DurableDrupal Lean, having been adopted. And we'll see how each of the obstacles were overcome, one by one.

We'll see, in the course of building this concrete product:

  • How Lean UX and Lean DevOps are the material and necessary basis for the successful adoption of a Lean process (otherwise it's just words)
  • How the necessary investment in and use of a curated and evolving set of Drupal distribution(s) jump starts the process (distros both as starter kits and specialized use cases)
  • How Kanban based workflow optimizes team workload without falsehoods and without dated estimation-based "sprints". 
  • Which tools can make all the difference in the (real) world for the elimination of time-wastage and blocked knowledge sharing between isolated skill-set silos achieved by replacing the "handoff" staggered workflow with true team parallel cross-collaboration
  • Exactly how the paradigm of Minimum Viable Product and value hypotheses testing wipes out feature and scope creep
  • Reinforce how straightforward continuous integration and deployment tools  really form the material "glue" in this process. Which tools and/or partnering alternatives exist to streamline this?

The methods and tools will be shown in actual practice and a working repo which can be easily installed as a laptop ansible playbook based VM (or deployed to a server) will be made available so that its work history can be relived by checking out pedagogical tags and actually running each successive value testable MVP.

We can't wait to share this, how easy it actually was to adopt Lean once we made up our minds, and how hard it actually was: we can't wait to share how we actually did this. Hopefully, so that you can start to use Lean in your organization.



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