HTTPS all the things: Secure your Drupal site and learn more about HTTPS


What if your mom could read every intimate detail in your diary, and robbers were able to walk right in off the street into your home and steal all your valuable treasures, and there was absolutely nothing in place to stop them? Unfortunately, these kinds of literal possibilities are the virtual reality each and every day for visitors of websites without HTTPS secure communication protocol enabled, but we’re here to help change that! There is an emerging movement to enable everyone to use best practices to secure their sites with this indispensable bidirectional encryption technology. We’ll demystify all the terminology, and solidify your knowledge of the very important bits: TLS/SSL, private keys and public certificates, CSR generation and self-signed certs, CAs and PKIs, SAN and SNI. Then we’ll default a Drupal site to “HTTPS all the things” by installing a digital certificate and making a configuration change so simple, you’ll feel obliged to HTTPS all your Drupals today!

HTTPS all the things!

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