Inside Los Angeles' Move to Drupal


In this session, we will showcase the City of Los Angeles project to transform their existing government service sites into a manageable Drupal based platform. We will show how this project tackled major goals of internal maintainability, repurposing existing data sources, and minimizing disruption across a diverse range of departments and sites.

As part of any complex city government migration, many technical and political hurdles need to be overcome. Some highlights that will be discussed include:

  • The background of the project and historical infrastructure.
  • The planning and agile development process, and collaboration between the Los Angeles internal technology team and development partners.
  • Development of a common city-wide site platform.
  • Cataloging back-end data sources and planning integration points and approaches.
  • Supporting data feeds of various types from multiple sources.
  • Creating streamlined interfaces for content managers who are not Drupal developers.
  • Coordinating training of staff to become Drupal content managers.
  • Choosing a hosting and deployment platform to ensure reliability, performance, and a source controlled environment.
  • Baking accessibility into both the site and editorial tools.

Session Track

Drupal Showcase

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Drupal Version

When & Where

Tuesday, 12 May, 2015 - 14:15 to 15:15
Petree D - Blink Reaction + Pro People