Integrating UX and UI Design into an Agile Project Cycle


How can Design, a disciplined approach requiring thought, research, and experimentation, possibly fit into a "go-go-go" Agile development cycle? Those who have tried know that not everything can be figured out in a time-boxed Discovery Phase. Are Designers and Developers doomed to throw stuff back and forth over the proverbial fence forever, or worse, revert back to the dreaded Waterfall approach? The good news is, there is a way to make it work.

This session will explore some of the challenges and rewards that come with a holistic approach to integrating UX and UI Design into a traditionally Dev-focused methodology, and will go over some team-based exercises that will help get everyone on board. Not only will this session go over processes and approaches that ensure great usability and accessibility, you’ll also learn what it takes to design great looking sites while remaining “agile".

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User Experience Design

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