Intro to Grunt for Front End Devs


I want to walk Front End Developers from never using node.js, npm, or Grunt to having about 3 main tasks running that are crucial to every front ends day to day tasks, all in an hour: watching and compiling sass (or less), checking code for quality using jshint and scss-lint, and clearing the Drupal cache when template files change. 

Grunt not only remove a lot of tedious repetition (aren't we supposed to be DRY?), but also make sure a team is consitent in its execution of command line tasks. These basic tasks also show the fundamental building blocks of making Grunt do just about whatever you want it to by showing how to set up watch tasks that wait for file changes and the subsequent tasks and targets that get executed afterwards, and shows how to set it all up so that multiple tasks can happen in parallel and in order; all from a single Terminal window.

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