It's Drupalgeddon and we're all going to die!!!


October 2014's Drupalgeddon raised a whole load of interesting questions, learns and challenges for Drupal, Drupalists, site owners and open source as a whole.  

In true, open and honest miggle style, Alick looks at how his Drupal agency dealt with it, the highs and lows, the learns and the roles different people played across the wider community.  It also looks at the on-going impact of Drupageddon.

Then we'll have a discussion about what the impact and risks of these sort of occurences are, how we can use it as a positive to drive the whole Drupal project forward and how it was one of those moments of what doesn't kill you making you stronger.

This presentation is primarily aimed at Product Managers and Business Managers, but should have areas of interest for most Drupal audiences.


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Business and Strategy

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