Large Scale Drupal in the Municipality of Copenhagen - Behind the Scenes


The municipality of Copenhagen has gone Drupal in large scale. Within the last two years more than 350 websites, built on more than 15 different CMS systems (Plone, Wordpress, Sharepoint, Dynamicweb, Sitecore and etc), were replaced by a new Drupal platform. During the session, I will present some of the main functionalities and how they were implemented.

  • Centralized Digital Asset Management (DAM) system
  • Content sharing architecture between all the sites
  • How to make the system scalable and available 24/7 with Aegir
  • How to achieve an editorial experience which 400 hundred editors will love

I will outline some tips that you should be aware of when you work with government organizations. I will also share my experience with how we managed to build a multi vendor ecosystem using open source software only. Last but not least, I will say a few words about what we have contributed back to the community during the project.

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Drupal Showcase

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