Lessons Learned In Rock & Roll


Lullabot Co-founder and CEO, Jeff Robbins, was one of the world's first web developers. He got his start at O'Reilly Media in 1991 and participated in the creation of the world's first commercial website (GNN.com). In 1993, Jeff started one of the first web agencies. However, in 1994 his band Orbit signed with A&M Records and Jeff spent the remainder of the '90s touring the country, penning a top 10 modern rock hit, playing the Lollapalooza tour, and learning about success and failure in the business and art of music.

In the early 2000's Jeff's career transitioned back to the web where he eventually discovered Drupal. He co-founded Lullabot in 2006 with the mission of bringing Drupal to the world and helping to prove its capability. Over the past 9 years, Lullabot has become one of the most prominent agencies in the Drupal community. Lullabot's projects include The GRAMMYs, MSNBC.com, Sony Music, NBC.com, Martha Stewart, Harvard.edu, TeslaMotors.com, WWE.com, and many others. The company also runs Drupalize.Me, the largest source Drupal training available. These days, Lullabot’s team numbers more than 60 full-time employees and the company offers strategy, design, and development services beyond the bounds of Drupal.

In this session, Jeff will talk about the lessons he learned writing songs and building a successful band and how those ideas still guide many of the business decisions which have grown Lullabot to become the company they are today. It's a unique look at the intersection between creativity and business, group dynamics, effective communication, and creating goals and a guiding vision for any business.

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