Local and remote testing with DrupalCI


This session will explore the 'Modernizing Testbot' initiative, and provide an introduction the DrupalCI project and associated infrastructure; positioned to suceed PIFT/PIFR as the future automated testing infrastructure for Drupal.org.  We'll take an 'under the covers' look at the project and it's deliverables, how it's being leveraged within the Drupal.org automated testing environment, and perhaps even a sneak peek at new and interesting features that the platform may enable on Drupal.org in the future.

But DrupalCI has been designed for more than just Drupal.org testing ... one of the primary goals of the project has always been to provide users access to a single, consistent testing platform; whether running on Drupal.org, internally within their organization, or locally during development.  The project team has taken a 'local testing first' approach to the project's development, to ensure flexibility and consistency of test results in all three of these use cases.  This session will also showcase how to set up DrupalCI for use by individuals or an organization; whether on a local development environment, or within your own private cloud.

And finally, we'll take a look at how the community can get involved, extending DrupalCI to support additional environments, new automation capabilities, or all new testing frameworks ... demonstrating a new generation of Drupal.org testing infrastructure, with the flexibility to rapidly evolve and keep up with the ever-changing needs of Drupal core, contrib, and the greater Drupal community.

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Tuesday, 12 May, 2015 - 17:00 to 18:00
511BC - Pantheon