Look Ma, no code! Create dynamic custom page layouts with Panels, Design Suite and Scald


Learn to build dynamic, flexible custom Drupal pages without every having to open a code editor, using Design Suite, Scald, Panels, Image Styles and Manual Crop. With these modules you don’t need a developer, or even a rudimentary grasp of PHP to easily implement custom-designed pages for your Drupal site. Each module offers site-building power on its own, but the real strength becomes evident when you use them together:

  • Build modular layouts with Design Suite without having to write a line of PHP
  • Assemble Design Suite layouts into custom pages using Panels
  • Use Scald to organize and route image/video files into Design Suite layouts
  • Apply Image Styles and Manual Crop for image variations without multiple files
  • Learn how to model content for design power and flexibility

An understanding of HTML and CSS is helpful, but not required.

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Site Building

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