Make It So: Building a Content Model Into Drupal


As user experience professionals, we regularly work with clients to develop a content strategy. We create elegant messaging, powerful taglines, and strong content models that give our clients everything they need to create awesome content that captures their audiences' attention...

...or so we think.

We always underestimate the challenges of maintaining consistency of branding, messaging, and content across an entire site or even a multisite. And since content models often live as templates *outside* of the site, they tend to be cast away and forgotten.

But Drupal can help! Through specific, relevant help text, we can provide editors with contextual tips, reminders, and guidelines to ensure adherence to the right format, tone, and other guidelines for all fields. Plus, we can build in restrictions and technical specifications that enforce a content model - by limiting the length of a text field or structuring a date field in a particular way.

We'll talk about what kind of information is helpful to site editors and how to build a content model directly into the CMS; ultimately, we want to make sure your communications manager doesn't have to spend her time rehashing the content model and branding with every new site editor.

By attending this talk, you will get tips and tricks for using Drupal to enforce your brand and your content model, and learn how to write useful, usable help text.

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User Experience Design

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