Migrate D2D with Drupal 8- Let's get started!


The promise of Drupal 8 means the demise of Drupal 6!  For many, this could be a worrisome time - but fear not, Drupal Migrate to the rescue!

The session will be an introduction to D2D Migrate, the extension of the Drupal Migrate module.  We'll give a good grounding overview of the process and the modules involved in migrating your Drupal site to Drupal 8. We will then get 'hands-on' and give a short demo of the Migrate Wizard, exploring the possibilities and capabilities of this approach. Finally we will walk through a pre-built custom migrate module, to see the framework of a code based migration. 

This session will the perfect initiation for apprentice Drupal users that want to learn about Migrate, or are getting started on their first migration.  

In addition to slides, we will provide some working code examples and feature modules that can be used later to reinforce participants learning from the session. 

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Site Building

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