Mistakes I Have Made: Collected Project Management Failures


While this may look like a confessional, this is a collection of 'worse practices' that I have either seen, done myself, averted at the last minute, or gotten to watch them go down in flames. This will also skew heavily towards back-end problems that project managers get to face, because it's where I'm most comfortable and have the most interesting stories. Audience participation encouraged.

I'll cover:

  • Sales disasters that ended up making it into my life and never should have been here
  • Discovery disasters that ended up making people crazy
  • Methods of project management applied too vigorously and took the shine off everything
  • Communication methods that ended up worse off than just saying nothing
  • Ways to work 70 hours a week because you're just so valuable and no one could possibly do the same things that you do (So flexible!)
  • How to mess up on billing
  • Excellent celebrations for the Festival of the Last Minute

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Business and Strategy

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