Modern Front-End Workflows - Getting Started

Most modern front-end workflows include a mix of tools, techniques and skills that were not even in the picture just a few years ago. Come join us to learn what it takes to get a project off the ground using these latest technologies and tools. Whether you use Drupal or not, in this session will go over some some of the most common techniques used in today's front-end workflows. We will talk how to properly manage your project resources to provide consistency within your team. We'll discuss why you should use Sass and how to properly structure your Sass environment so you write code that is easy to read and manage Tools we will cover include: Sass, Compass, Picture element, Ruby Gems such as Breakpoint, SingularityGS and Toolkit. In addition we will talk about Grunt and Gulp and how you can automate your development workflow. By the end of this talk you will have a solid understanding on how to code a Drupal theme or HTML page that is responsive and works across all browsers including Internet Explorer 8+

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Front End

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