Move Over Vagrant, Hello Docker

Josh Benner

Docker is poised to revolutionize the way web applications are deployed and hosted. Docker lets us describe, isolate and deploy services more efficiently and consistently without all the complications of virtual machines and the overhead they consume.  We can also use Docker to supercharge our day-to-day Drupal development. Come see how we are using Docker to solve development environments.

In this session we’ll learn about containers, Docker, and what sets them apart from other technologies. We will demonstrate using Docker in daily Drupal development, and show how easy it can be to have consistent, reproducible, and isolated development environments across your entire team, no matter what platform they use. It’s easier than you might think!

Come to this session if you:

  • prefer to do Drupal development on a local workstation
  • want fast, consistent, and flexible local development environments
  • are responsible for providing consistent development environments to teams
  • want to see what a practical Drupal workflow with Docker can look like

You’ll learn:

  • What containers are, and why people are so excited about them.
  • What Docker is and how it fits into the conversation.
  • How Docker compares to other dev environment solutions such as native stacks, virtual machines and Vagrant.
  • How to setup a Drupal project to use Docker consistently for all your team members.
  • How to use Docker in daily Drupal development across platforms.

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