Moving The City of Los Angeles to Drupal

Owen Barton

Moving a major city government to a new web platform is no easy task. Learn how and why the City of Los Angeles selected Drupal to develop a consolidated city wide web content management platform.

A common challenge with city governments is managing the diversity and number of sites, particularly where there are large volumes of legacy custom code. Sites commonly have multiple stakeholders and often complex decision making processes, combined with stringent hosting, workflow, accessibility and integration requirements.

In this session we will discuss the strategy Los Angeles' took to address these challenges and make progress on a city wide web modernization and consolidation project. We will also present a high level discussion of the technology selection process, training, development, testing, hosting and maintenance considerations and key learnings.

To successfully modernize an enterprise web environment depends on finding approaches that are both incremental and productive. We discuss how in-depth discovery and architecture process, combined with a highly agile approach was used to isolate key services and integrations allowing for a strategic and phased update approach.

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Business and Strategy

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