Multi-Country Websites


We can build awesome multilingual websites with Drupal. But sometimes that is not enough. The same languages are spoken in different countries, but the language needs to be slightly different, based on dialects or different regulations. Just creating a new Drupal language for each country and its language does also not fix all issues. Clients need different different permissions per country, they need a system that prevents editors to overwrite each others content and they would like to have a system that prevents them from creating the same content in the same languages over and over.

We've build a couple of customer websites that have more then 10 different languages for more then 12 different languages. With using a clever Entity Translation Language Fallback system and a Domain Access system we've build a Drupal website that allows our customers:

  • to manage content for multiple countries within one Drupal website
  • allowing country editors to only edit their countries and languages content with the security to not overwrite other's country website
  • a language fallback system that prevents editors of creation the same content, menuentries and taxonomy terms for multiple countries
  • a website that does not run on multiple domains, rather on multiple "subfolders" to make a good SEO
  • a redirection system which redirects visitors to the correct website based on their country

I will show, how we've build that, which modules we used and developed and what the pitfalls of these systems are.

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