Myths of Agile Software Development


Agile is everywhere. Every Drupal shop claims to be agile. Every project management job listing seems to require experience leading an agile team. Many of the DrupalCon speakers will mention “agile” in some way during their presentations. And there are no shortage of blog posts that talk about the subject. But is agile just an IT “buzzword” or a cliche? Is it a real thing? Unless you’ve sat through some training, you may be wondering - what is “agile” development? Can agile help me with my projects?

As a Drupal practitioner, you need to know the realities and misconceptions of this software development philosophy. During this presentation, we will take a close look at:

  • The roots of agile development
  • What agile IS, and what agile IS NOT
  • Various flavors of agile
  • The many myths and misunderstandings about agile

This session will help you:

  • Separate the facts from the misconceptions
  • Speak intelligently about the subject to your boss and coworkers
  • Decide if agile is right for you, your organization, and your clients
  • Choose the right agile methodology 

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Business and Strategy

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