Many leaders in the tech and entreprenurial world talk about the importance of focus.  People from Michaelangelo to Steve Jobs have talked about the need to strip away excess and extraneous material in order to focus on what is important.  A singular, focused goal is an important key to success at that goal.

But focus requires doing something that we are not comfortable doing: Saying No.  Focusing on a particular task, tool, or use case means saying "no" to focusing on another task, tool, or use case.  That's not always easy.  In Drupal, we are very un-practiced at it.  Yet saying no is one of the most important jobs of a product owner, product manager, or systems architect.  Saying "no" to some things is how one makes it possible to say "Yes!" to others.

This session will discuss the concept of No, the importance of focus and a common aligned vision, and the importance of making both explicit rather than implicit.  We will then invite the audience to participate in the question "To what should Drupal say No?"

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Wednesday, 13 May, 2015 - 17:00 to 18:00
518 - Trellon