Not your grandparent's shipping: Shipping 3.x in Drupal Commerce


It's 2015. Drones are delivering our packages. Groceries get brought to our front door. From cheap razor blades to century-old samurai swords, RC cars to car haulers, if you can think of it, you can get it sent to your home or business. Today we are far cry from the online book and CD sellers of old -- who ran their entire business from a small warehouse. Now small businesses are using logistics providers to get products to their customers faster and cheaper. In many cases, you don't even need stock. Just send it over to a fulfillment provider or drop-shipper and forget about it.

Let's face it. Times have changed.

Shipping 3.x in Drupal Commerce aims to redefine and make shipping easier for developers to build the fulfillment systems clients need. Come discover what's coming.

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