Not your mother's API - Integrations with clients small and large


For years, contrib modules have offered the resources needed to complete integrations with major APIs.  However, when working with clients or third parties, you will find the need to work with niche APIs and non-standard integrations.

Learn how you can use RESTful APIs, SOAP and other web technologies to develop the best solution for your clients. 

Work closely with your clients to integrate with their existing tools, technologies and processes in Drupal.  Provide a single solution to meet your clients’ needs, without re-inventing the wheel. 

What question(s) does this session answer?

•    How do I discuss APIs and Integrations with a client?
•    How do I gather technical requirements from the non tech-savvy?
•    How do I use my client’s external tools to make their site a more complete solution? 

Beginner to Intermediate.  Useful for everyone from Project Managers to hardcore developers.

Session Track

Coding and Development

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