O.C.D. Deployment: Obsessive about success


One of the largest risks and highest costs in any project is the act of deployment. Whether this means setting up a local development environment, onboarding a new team member, demonstrating features to your client on a staging server, or pushing the latest features into production, the time and effort that each step takes directly cuts into your margin. Plus, the risk of something going wrong at the last minute is real, and ready to bite you.

With O.C.D. Deployment, you gain a new level of efficiency and security that will have major positive repercussions through your entire organization. Servers, services, and code that are ORCHESTRATED become automated and nearly instantaneously available. The CONSISTENT deployment process extends from @local to @prod. And the result, what you get at the end of the process is DETERMINISTIC. There is only one outcome, the right one, because you are operating on O.C.D. principles.

This session will not only give you the framework and tools to judge any deployment process, it will highlight the existing best practices and tools (free and commercial), as well as investigate the current weaknesses, gaps, and shortcomings.

Buzzwords: Docker, LXC, Git, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, SaltStack, DR:BD, LVM, CEPH, GlusterFS, YAML

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