One API to Rule Them All: Hypermedia + Drupal + NPR (et al.)


Using the new Public Media Platform (PMP) API as an example, this talk will provide an overview of what a hypermedia API is and how it can be integrated into Drupal. Highlights will include:

  • Answering initial questions like: What exactly is a hypermedia API? How is it different from other APIs?
  • Explaining the PMP (a group of public media players), how it came into existence, and how its API — a wealth of public media content — works.
  • Detailing how the PMPAPI package of modules works and how NPR built it.
  • Outlining how the PMPAPI modules were converted from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

Attendees should leave with a decent grasp of how hypermedia APIs work, and how to integrate them with Drupal.

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Drupal Showcase

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