Open Berkeley: Small Team Solves Big Problems

Open Berkeley: Small Team Solves Big Problems

In a world where...

  • Your mammoth organization requires consistently-configured and branded websites
  • Your customers demand power and ease of use
  • Sites must be secure, high-performing, and designed with business continuity in mind
  • Accessibility is paramount
  • Disparate user requirements conflict with organizational standards
  • Budget woes threaten to strangle you and your customers
  • Bureaucracy lurks around every corner
  • You’re from the government, but you really are here to help

How can one small team achieve big results?

Spoiler alert! Answers include:

  • Stay flexible
  • Use proven Drupal resources as your foundation
  • Automate
  • Focus on usability
  • Create strategic partnerships
  • Manage up

This session is the story of how a small group of underdogs created a highly effective and sought-after product for use in a slow-moving organization. It is a tale of harnessing Drupal passion to create a product that satisfies user needs, business needs, and the myriad policies and regulations of a large public university.

Our heroes built on existing code and vendor services to provide UC Berkeley with a custom Drupal-based website solution -- and contributed work back to the Drupal community at the same time.

The Open Berkeley distribution bakes in security and accessibility best practices alongside powerful content-authoring and layout tools that are easily managed by non-technical communications professionals. Come learn the details of this solution designed to scale and adapt to a constantly changing organizational landscape.

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