Pairing Headless Drupal with Meteor.js for Rapid Development of Mobile & Web Applications


Drupal is fast becoming a tool for managing content displayed on a variety of media. Using Drupal in what is termed a "headless" state has been discussed a lot lately, including with some talks here at Drupalcon.

Meteor.js ( is a "full stack" development platform that integrates Node.js, a database layer, and a front end into a tool that allows rapid development of mobile and web-based applications. With features like real-time interactions, pushed data structures and more, Meteor.js is a very exciting platform.

We will show you how integrating Drupal's content management tools in a headless state with Meteor.js as your mobile & web-application platform will save you time and effort. We will also explore the challenges that creating an application with data that Drupal can provide, as well as suggestions on how to address those challenges.


About the Presentors

Trent Stromkins is the Front End Development Lead at ImageX Media, and has been working in the web industry since the late 1990's.

Mark Labreque is a Drupal Developer at ImageX Media, who is obsessive about quality coffee and code.

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Coding and Development

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