Paraphrasing Panels, Panelizer and Panopoly


Panels, Panelizer and Panopoly can seem a bit overwhelming but this session will go over the best features of each one and how they can be invaluable tools. The Panels module alone offers so much out the box and Panelizer and the Panopoly distribution shows just how much this tool can preform. They are long tested tools that have so much built into them in their evolution in Drupal 7. This session will cover:

  • Panels and an understanding about the functionality it provides.
  • Panelizer and how it enhances Panels to do even more.
  • Panopoly and it's attempt to simplify the possibilities of Panels and Panelizer.
  • What are they good for.
  • What isn't the best use for them.
  • Quick tips that may save you a lot of time.

This is a lot of information to cover and will be accompanied by a very handy cheat sheet to remember it all.

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