Performance of High-Volume Drupal websites – End-to-end approach


A well-architected and optimized Drupal website can be very efficient, high performing, and capable of handling a large volume of traffic. However, it is just as easy to create a poorly implemented version that is counterproductive to these goals.

This session provides a holistic end-to-end approach for optimizing a Drupal website.

The talk covers Optimization and Caching.

Optimization of the OPS stack is based on well-documented website best practices and runs the entire gamut – PHP, Apache webserver, MYSQL, Drupal and database table implementation.

The caching portion covers the basic theories of caching, caching strategies, true cost of caching, caching gotchas and how to avoid them. Web elements can be cached on any part of the stack – browsers, proxy, reverse proxy, memcache and applications. This talk will discuss where, what, and how to cache a web element.



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