Planning the Project You Want: A Primer on Proposing & Requesting Proposals


Whether you're the client assembling the requirements for a web project or the vendor developing a proposal to meet them, you have the same goal: getting a great product online. 

Yet many projects start out with poorly defined requirements or poorly defined approaches, leading to disappointment on both sides -- like realizing that your project plan hinged on an empowered decision-maker the client doesn't have, or that the vendor you hired for their great design work was unprepared for the extent of your migration and development needs.

This session will discuss how clients can improve vendor responses by identifying and communicating the requirements that matter most, and how vendors can improve their proposals by treating them like preliminary project plans instead of marketing language.

This session is not designed for experienced vendors or clients. It's designed for:

  • Clients who have had trouble identifying vendors who fit their needs
  • Vendors who have won projects... but then wished they hadn't
  • Clients looking to improve the quality of their proposal submissions
  • Vendors looking to craft more tailored, attention-grabbing proposals

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Business and Strategy

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