Port your module to Drupal 8


Drupal 8 is stailizing as you're reading this. You've read all about the changes in Drupal 8, new concepts like dependency injection, played around with toy modules. Now its time to cross the real chasm. How do you port your module to 8?

Who all should attend this session?

module owners, developers looking to carve their own space in the drupal contrib universe, those wanting to learn Drupal 8 module development.

What are the prerequisites?

You must be knowing Drupal 7 module development. No familiarity with Drupal 8 required.

What will be the takeaways from this session?

You will:

1. know how to flesh out a Drupal 8 version of the module you want to port.

2. learn a good deal about Drupal 8 module development.


Session Track

Coding and Development

Experience Level


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