The Power of the Dark Side: Lessons Learned from Doing Drupal and WordPress At the Same Time


For the first few years of its existence, Alley Interactive was an all-Drupal agency — until a major client asked us to rebuild their site using WordPress, and we took the plunge into enterprise WordPress development. Since then, we’ve gained experience and contacts in both the Drupal and WordPress worlds.

We’ve hired Drupal specialists and WordPress specialists, and we’ve talked to clients who sought our experience specifically because we have a foot in both doors. This has not moved us away from Drupal — in fact, we’ve continued to pursue Drupal projects as actively as ever.

Anyone who’s spent time in either community is aware of the occasional bickering and aspersions cast between the two camps. But in our experience, we discovered more in common than we imagined, and we’ve developed tools and strategies to bring good WordPress ideas to Drupal, and good Drupal ideas to WordPress.

So why always with the fighting? Come hear what we’ve learned and how this bi-modal experience has shaped the way we think about our client projects.

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