The Power of Drush


Drush, Drupal + Shell, is an incredibly powerful tool that web site maintainers, developers and admins can use help them in their day to day jobs.  Whether you are on a large team of developers or working solo Drush can make your life earier.

Drush does everything from basic updating of modules and checking the status of your site to building site from scratch to opening an interactive php shell on your site.  Further, if Drush can't do it you can treat Drush like a scripting framework and write scipts using Drush as the scripting environment.

With Drush 7 Drupal 8 support with be rolled out along with tons of other features and re-architecting, much of it taking advantage of PHP 5.3+.

This session will cover Drush at a high level and then move into examples of how it can be used in your day to day life.  There wil be some code samples, and I will assume you know something about the command line in a Mac/POSIX environment.

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