Preparing for the Onslaught: Load Testing Your Shiny New Drupal 8 Site


After months of following new Drupal 8 releases, porting a handful of contributed modules, and mastering your deployment workflow, you're ready to launch! ...Right?

Not quite.

Whether you're expecting one thousand or one hundred million visitors on day one, you need to know whether your site will hold up to the traffic. Nothing ruins a site launch faster than not being able to show off your new creation, trying to diagnose and fix problems while your production servers are on fire.

This session will focus on several key aspects of load testing that will help make your next launch a success -

  • Overview of Drupal 8 scaling features
  • Identify the behavior of different traffic patterns and sources
  • Simulating traffic for a brand new site
  • How to incorporate load testing throughout development

Running a Drupal 7 site? Many of these tips are applicable to other versions of Drupal (and load testing in general), but we will focus specifically on how Drupal 8 scales and manages load.

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