Preparing your backend for front end consumption


Ok so "backend, frontend" we've heard all the puns, jokes, gimmicks and one liners. And as it happens I can't think of any new ones. So I guarantee that this session will contain 0 of these.

However, do come to this session to learn about the pitfalls, considerations, steps to take, wrongs, rights... Pretty much everything to do with preparing to deliver headless Drupal.

Having got several apps in the Android and Apple app stores I have experience in knowing how to prepare both the front end but more importantly, for this session at least, preparing the backend. It's all very well having a lovely looking app if the data it downloads isn't fit for purpose.

In this session I will cover the following

  • Configuring Views in Drupal 8 for consumption in a mobile app (will be using Ionic/AngularJS as the headless app)
  • Configuring authentication¬†
  • Discussing CORS for in browser testing
  • Shrinking the size of the data packets you send
  • I will also demonstrate the above in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 for comparisons. (Don't want anyone missing out!)

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Coding and Development

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