Project Fear


Project fear affects us all. Sometimes it’s rational fear tied to guaranteed failure. Other times it’s more irrational fear that a project will go off the rails due to unknowns missed in code architecture, scope/budget/timeline problems, or the team complexities of the project. For some, obliviousness and lack of experience is the problem. For others, having been there before actually increases the level of anxiety. Either way, these worries tend to compound throughout the course of a project, creating a pressure cooker of stress as launch time nears.

This session tackles project fear by investigating its roots, its symptoms, and ultimately a number of successful coping mechanisms. We’ll discuss how to avoid falling into the traps of paralyzing inaction or frantic, reactionary plans. We’ll take a look at the components of stress and how to find control in situations where you feel powerless. Most importantly, we’ll aim to reduce your project fear simply by acknowledging its universal existence. In turn, that will help us all deliver more successful projects with healthier and happier teams.

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