Prototyping with Pattern Lab inside your Drupal Theme



Prototyping is know by all to be a needed step in the web development process, but most treat it as the step before the Drupal theme begins. I want to show people how to use the prototyping tool and static site generator Pattern Lab in a way that lets Drupal development and Prototyping progress in parallel by having the CSS and JS shared between the two; all in the Drupal theme, and not a step that happens before Drupal after which it is discarded.

It works great - front devs can get started right away without waiting for Drupal to be configured to generate the HTML markup needed for CSS and JS to do its work as the HTML can be quickly put together in Pattern Lab; then all that needs to be done on the Drupal side is configure the CMS to output the right markup, and then it all clicks into place as the CSS is shared. 

Additionaly, I'll go over the benefits of prototyping and the basics of how to use Pattern Lab; however the focus will be on how to set up a static site generator for prototyping purposes that coexists within Drupal by having shared CSS and JS. People will love it; this is a pain point that needs to be eased. 

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