Public Radio on Every Device with Drupal


Colorado Public Radio, an award-winning NPR member station, needed a new digital presence to deliver music and in-depth news content to users on every device. uses a persistent media player, responsive design and a dash of special sauce to connect users to its main presence and three broadcast channels: news, classical and new music.

This session will summarize the lifecycle of this Agile development project, along with a closer look at the approach for responsive audio and text presentation, and deep dives into technical features. Content presentation features were built for original content, audio stories, and live streaming of the three radio stations. All of this functionality works on a single site, on all modern devices with a persistent audio player. This approach allows users to simultaneously listen to their favorite shows while freely browsing the website using a fully AJAX-driven experience.

Techniques and approaches:

  • AJAX navigation
  • Responsive layouts
  • Persistent audio
  • Improving JavaScript performance and developer experience

Attendees will come away with a better understanding of implementing fully AJAX-driven Drupal site, custom responsive layouts, and improved JavaScript development workflows.

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Business and Strategy

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