A Relaxed Replication API for Content Staging & Decoupled Drupal 8 Sites


For a long time we've been good at staging and synchronizing configuration with Features and lately with CMI for Drupal 8.
But how about content? Drupal is after all a content management system...

In this advanced session site builders will learn how to leverage the new Relaxed Web Services and Multiversion modules in various use cases:

  1. Content staging between different environments
  2. Content replication between a network of Drupal sites
  3. Content sync between decoupled systems, e.g. when using Drupal as a backend with browser-based databases like PouchDB

This session follows-up on the presentations made in Austin and Amsterdam back when these new modules were being built. But this time we are demonstrating the ready and fully-working solution in great detail!

You will leave this session with knowledge and a set of tools to use when tackling complex content workflow scenarios in the real world!

Code Sprint

This session will also be a great introduction to the topic for anyone interested in joining the Content Staging in Drupal 8 sprint that the presenter is hosting during the sprint days! Sign up on the sprint spreadsheet!

About the Presenter

Dick Olsson (aka dixon_) is a long time core contributor and author of the defacto content staging solution for Drupal 7 - the Deploy and UUID modules.

Dick started his Drupal career at NodeOne (now Wunderkraut) and later went on to work for Al Jazeera Media Network as their Lead Drupal Developer. Now he's working as a Digital Engineering manager at Pfizer where he's managing a content staging soultion for hundreds of websites.

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Site Building

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