RESTful Garage - Build your own API speedster

Welcome to the RESTful garage!

Get ready to get your hands dirty creating a high performance RESTful API with "off the shelf" components. We will evaluate existing tools, build our own, and then "race" the results to find a clear winner

With the rise of "headless Drupal" and the importance of structured content, its very likely you have heard of, needed, or wondered about building out an API for serving up your Drupal content. There are several fantastic module suites available now:

We will briefly discuss these, and their best use cases. Still, sometimes you just want or need to create your own...

Start your engines!

In this session, we will leverage the JS module (high-performance javascript callback handler) to provide lower level bootstrap endpoints that will act as a highly performant custom API. By only loading what we need, we can reduce server load and speed up delivery by huge margins. This API will be able to serve entity data in JSON and rendered HTML, as well as a few other interesting examples of content. Once we have our speedster created, we will want to see how it performs.

Hit the race track!

After we build a fast API, we will do some racing and performance testing to compare the results with the other major players. Expect some interesting results, and a solid comparison of the established solutions next to our custom hot rod.

Take it home!

All of the code and testing setup* will be provided so you can modify and run your own tests, as well as build out your own speedster for your own needs.

*fuzzy dice not included

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