Rethink Drupal Support. Stop the Bleeding!


Make Data Driven Decisions and Focus on Conversion Optimization.

Support work can range from being a furious fire-fighting activity to a careful unravelling of someone else’s code.  An engagement often starts with an anxious client and an impossible timeline… just get it fixed asap. But what if this type of ad hoc approach is just throwing fuel on the fire and making things worse?

  • Are you spending the right time on the right tasks?
  • What is your turnaround time on the issue queue?
  • Are you pixel pushing or creating real design value?
  • Are you getting real user feedback?
  • What is the overall perceived benefit to the user?
  • Do users comprehend your offerings?
  • How curious are you about the underlying reasons for the requests?

Just as the website owner has a goal for return on investment, a typical user also has an idea of the investment of time they would like to spend in order to receive the benefits they are hoping for on a site they visit. Often these are at odds.

Come learn about:

  • Channel Assessment and Re-Structure
  • Horizontal Content Flow Strategy
  • User Scenarios Based on Problem Solving
  • Finding Social Proof
  • Guerrilla UX  

Using the support model, bring in guerrilla user experience tactics to iteratively introduce lean UX improvements.

Stop wasting money, time and resources on insignificant issues. Don’t just fix your site, make your website at true asset for your organization.


“Guerrilla research methods are faster, lower-cost methods that provide sufficient enough insights to make informed strategic decisions. Guerrilla research can be a lot more palatable to many bosses and clients who struggle with understanding the value of research. In fact, using these methods is a great way to introduce companies to the value that research can bring to projects.”  ~ by Russ Unger | Todd Zaki Warfel

Session Track

Business and Strategy

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Drupal Version

When & Where

Wednesday, 13 May, 2015 - 17:00 to 18:00
515A - Phase 2