Routes, controllers and responses: The Basic Lifecycle of a D8 Request


Whether your viewing a node on the frontend, consuming a JSON endpoint or using the admin interface, every request in D8 follows the same workflow: routing, a controller and a response. Woh!

In this talk, we'll uncover the basic lifecycle of a D8 request, by creating a custom page using routes, a controller and a response. And you'll see just how simple life is. Once we're there, we'll dive deeper to see how Drupal uses this *exact* same stuff to fuel node pages, the admin interface and everything else. If you want to be able to create custom pages or open up the hood and really "get" D8, this is your first step.


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Coding and Development

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Wednesday, 13 May, 2015 - 13:00 to 14:00
502A - BlackMesh