Rules: Duct Tape for Drupal


The Rules module - the duct tape of Drupal - use it to build new features and business logic. Rules can be immensely useful for Intranet websites, or sites with complicated sets of permissions and publishing workflows. It is also used by default in Drupal Commerce sites to manage taxes, discounts and payment types.

Not sure if you need Rules? Are you ...

  • a Site Builder, but not a coder?
  • a Drupal Commerce User?
  • starting or ending a sale on a certain Date?
  • an Organic Groups Admin?
  • sending E-Mail notifications from your site?
  • creating repeating Events?
  • creating Views Bulk Operations actions?
  • flagging Nodes as spam, based on user feedback?

This session will provide you with:

  • a formula you can apply to decide when to use rules
  • a system for asking the right questions before you create a rule
  • how to find examples of similar rules you can modify
  • modules that provide extra actions and conditions
  • rules that can be helpful in specialized sites, like commerce sites, event-driven sites or community sites

Session Track

Site Building

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