Running Fabulous Drupal Events

annie stone
Susan Rust

One of the most magical parts of the Drupal community are the locally organized Drupal camps, user groups, and sprints which collectively bring together  tens of thousands of Drupal enthusiasts year to talk all things Drupal. These events are run by volunteers who put their heart and soul into making something really special happen in their local communities to both facilitate the growth of the Drupal project and the friendships of those who work on it. 

This session will be a panel discussion between event organizers from a wide variety of Drupal events who will discuss everything to the nuts + bolts of running a Drupal event (venue, sponsors, wifi, food) to the magical extra properties that make it truly special (smoke machine fueld dance parties, sleeping in the desert, lunch with the Sudanese UN delegation, homemade pizza under the stars, bicycle rides through the french quarter). 

Our wonderful panelists include:

  • Anne Stefanyk - BADCamp
  • Annie Stone - Capital Camp & Drupal 4 Gov
  • Forest Mars - NYCCamp
  • Jen Lampton - BADCamp
  • Keri Pope - Twin Cities Drupal Camp
  • Susan Rust - SANDCamp
  • Willy Karam - NYCCamp

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