So You Wanna Build a Platform?


The term "Drupal platform” is used widely and in various contexts. But what does the term platform mean exactly? The distinctions between terms like platforms, distributions, products, systems, and sites can be nuanced and confusing. It is important for decision makers to understand the dynamics at play when comparing these related but distinct solution models: not only what they are, but the specific ways in which your organization might benefit from one type versus another.

In this session, Phase2’s most experienced platform builders share lessons learned from of our enterprise platform builds in government, higher education, media and publishing. We’ll share the best strategies for building a successful Drupal platform, as well as solutions to common platform problems. Using our real life examples, you’ll learn how building on a platform adds value to your web presence by enabling architecture growth and adaptation.

This session is designed for non-developers, but will include tips and best practices valuable to anyone planning to build a Drupal platform to help you better understand how this technology can support your business.

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Business and Strategy

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