Static Drupal - Introducing Drupal 8 to a Middleman

Greg Boggs

Static sites have been surging in popularity. And, it's for a good reason. Static sites are fast, secure, easily built, and quick to deploy. However, some tasks are difficult to do with a Mark Down powered website. Tasks like multi-state workflow, facetted search, and field level translation are all areas that Drupal shines in. Meanwhile, static sites struggle with them. We can get the best of both worlds by introducing Drupal 8 to a Middleman possibly named Hugo.

Drupal 8 comes with machine-friendly JSON out of the box. With a few clicks, you can quickly enable a JSON feed of all of your content. I'll take you step by step of building a static generated website backed by the robust Drupal 8 editor workflow and dynamic content. You'll not only see how easy it is to enable Headless Drupal, you'll learn how to plug Drupal's output into your static sites for prototyping or finished projects.


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Site Building

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