Supporting Drupal is good for your business


Last year at DrupalCon Austin, I had the pleasure of announcing Cathy Theys’ (YesCT) new position as BlackMesh’s Drupal Community Liaison.  Since then I have been repeatedly asked: 

    what does she do for BlackMesh?

    how is she billable?

    why did you hire a community liaison?

    what is in it for BlackMesh?

    how is this good for your bottom line?

    is it worth it?


Almost every string of questions ends with some variation of that last question.  My answer is always “Yes!,” followed by how much Cathy has helped us stay up to date with D8 and meet new community members.  Most importantly, though, I tell them she has given the community a voice within BlackMesh.

This session will answer all of the above questions, as well as highlight additional benefits of supporting the Drupal project — both the code and the community.   Lastly, there are numerous ways to support Drupal.  From time pooling to dedicated tasks to increasing recognition, we will look at a number of different strategies for giving back to the Drupal project.  

You will leave this session with the knowledge, and hopefully the desire, to better support Drupal. 

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