front-end architecture case study


The front-end requirements for modern websites are becoming increasingly complex. They need to be responsive, often have complex scroll interactions, involve many layers in their toolchains, and most of all they need to be fast on your desktop and on your phone. When hired Lullabot to redevelop their site, we were excited by the unique challenges it presented and pulled out all the stops in order to deliver a beautiful, super fast site with a front-end architecture that makes it easy to adapt to the future.

Through the use of various benchmarking and debugging tools and a deep understanding of how browsers render HTML, CSS, and JS, we were able to optimize the overall performance of the scroll interactions. This session will look at how your browser renders content and where the potential bottlenecks are, the tools available to track down performance issues, and most importantly how to solve those issues when you find them.

By the end of this session attendees will be able to:

  • Understand how browsers render HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and how that effects performance
  • Use and understand various tools and techniques to optimize front-end performance, and complex scrolling interactions
  • Understand the use-cases and approaches of modular object-oriented css
  • Be able to work with modern responsive tools, patterns, and techniques

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Drupal Showcase

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