The Symfony DependencyInjection Component Under the Hood


Dependency Injection is one of the five SOLID principles of Clean Code design by Robert Martin (aka Uncle Bob). During this talk, you will first learn what Dependency Injection really is. The talk will focus on the main pros that dependency injection provides to your code in terms of flexibility, maintainability and unit testability. Then, you will learn how to leverage dependency injection and inversion of control thanks to the Symfony DependencyInjection component to make your code truly configurable and extensible. This talk is a journey to the heart of the Symfony Service Container. You will discover how to register and configure your custom services into the container and how to request them from it. You will also learn how to dump the container to PHP code to speed up your application code. The presentation will finally focus on some of the Symfony Dependency Injection Container advanced configuration usages like private services, factory services, compiler passes and more.

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