Tales from "Staff Satisfaction" and "The Tech Team" - What We've Learned about Building Healthy Teams


For the past 14 years I've worked with Forum One's Director of Staff Satisfaction (that's what we call HR), Barbara Bianco, and our Manager of Technical Development, William Hurley, as we have grown to 82 staff (23 on the "tech team").  Attracting, retaining, and building a happy and healthy team certainly hasn't been simple - and we've had our share of misfires and setbacks and growing pains along the way. In this  session the three of us will share what we've learned, what's worked, and what hasn't when it comes to:

  • Finding great folks
  • Creating work-life balance and performance incentives
  • Professional development planning and staff mentoring structures
  • Career paths and managing growth
  • Onboarding and ramping up new team members


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