Think Outside the Theme - the Value and Process of Design Partnerships

Once you’ve mastered Drupal and its out of the box themes, what’s next? How do you take your sites to the next level and create something that is distinct, gets noticed and delivers results? Our recommendation? Find a strong design partner. Build a relationship. Share your knowledge with one another. And then create great sites.


This session will cover the process of finding and working with a great design partner and how this will benefit your own work and your clients. While the designers know design, you know Drupal. We can support each other in a way that produces impressive, measurable results. 


The Co-Founders of design agency Sisu Inc. will walk you through their own process of finding and working with a preferred Drupal development partner — Metal Toad — and how we’ve worked together to deliver best-in-class Drupal sites such as and


Topics will include:
  • The Why
    • The measurable value of good UX (IA and Design)
    • Pitching Drupal to design agencies
  • The How
    • Finding agencies
    • Ownership, work split and billing
    • Agreeing to a development process (Waterfall vs Agile)
    • Design Team: Communicating design vision through interactive IA, static comps, build specifications and prototypes
    • Tech Team: Communicating Drupal’s capabilities through feedback, demos and prototypes
    • Final deliverables and testing
  • What's Next: Continuing to Grow the Partnership
    • Growing existing clients
    • Improving the relationship and work process 
    • Pitching and winning new work

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Business and Strategy

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